Terrorism Fans Hatred Between Africa’s Religions

Religion In Africa: Religious violenceFor the most part followers of different religions in Africa are not antagonistic to each other.  Four terrorist groups on the continent are changing the balance from peace to hatred and war.

The four groups hold in common a heritage of born out of a militant, religious zeal for local concerns.   All want to have the state to institutionalize their particular religions laws.

Despite being religious based these terrorists are extremely violent.

Three are Muslim jihadist groups who wage war against the infidels (non-Mulims).   Two claim connections with al-Qaeda.  Below is a brief summary of each terrorist group.  See more detailed information on each and their current activities at Terrorism In Africa website.

Al-Shabaab, is a Somalia based jehadist group wanting to institute Sheria in Somalia.  The are currently fighting Kenyan troops in South Somalia and Northern Kenya.  Over the past few months they have abducted tourists and aid workers forcing humanitarian agencies to abandon huge camps of refugees from the fighting.  Al-Shabaab is responsible comings in Kenya and a World Cup Final night bombings in Kampala leaving 79 dead.

The Lord’s Resistance Army is a radical and heinously violent Christian section formed to protect the Acholi people, purify Uganda and overthrowing the government.  Having not achieved their goals in Uganda these terrorists have killed villagers in the Congo and Sudan.

The AQIM (Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) is militant Sunni sect born in Algeria but presently active throughout North Africa and the Sahel.  A recently formed splinter group fo AQIM has set an agenda of carrying out attacks in Sub-Saharan West Africa.

The most active terrorist group on the planet is Nigeria’s Boko Haram.  The claimed credit for the bombing of churches and security facilities on Christmas day.  While a local militant, jihadist group, there is fear they will expand their area of operations.

Nigeria is showing all the signs of being on the verge of a all out battle between Muslims and Christians.  Evangelical leaders are calling their sheep to protect themselves, a signal of a growing militancy in the Christian community that has felt vulnerable and unprotected by the security forces.  The Nigerian situation could be just a precursor to similar religious fights in Kenya (Nairobi’s Eastleigh district and the coast).

Will Africa’s reputation for peaceful coexistence among religions survive?  Current events are pointing in another direction.  There are rough religious times ahead.


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