Egypt’s Muslim Leaders Call for Peace With Christians

Religion In Africa

Muslims Call for Peace

An former army officer and former leader of Islamic Jihad, Aboud al-Zomour, has called Egyptian Muslims to refrain from violence against Coptic Christians.  Al-Zomour was imprisoned for 30 years for taking part in the assassination President Anwar Sadat.  He now sees himself as a proclaimer of peace.  He says, “the uprising that led Mr. Mubarak to step down was the work of all elements of society, Muslims and Christians, even women.”  So all should work together to maintain peace.  Click here to see the entire story.

The call for peace comes after twelve people were killed and 186 people injured outside a Coptic church Saturday in Imbaba.  Muslims were enraged when they heard rumors that a Christian women was being held against her will because she wanted to convert to Islam. Members of the crowd began throwing firebombs and stones, setting some nearby buildings on fire.

Security forces have arrested 190 people in connection with the incident.


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