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  • Terrorism Fans Hatred Between Africa's Religions Terrorism Fans Hatred Between Africa’s Religions

    For the most part followers of different religions in Africa are not antagonistic to each other.  Four terrorist groups on the continent are changing the balance from peace to hatred and war. The four groups hold in common a heritage of born out

  • Voodoo: Is It an African Religion? Voodoo: Is It an African Religion?

    Religion In Africa: Voodoo? Today I came across a tweet on Twitter stating, "and actually voodoo is based upon catholic ideologies..voodoo is not an African religion. its a slave religion." I have heard other people contend that voodoo originated

  • Pope Speaks on Witchcraft Pope Speaks on Witchcraft

    Religion In Africa Religions and Beliefs in Africa The Pope recently visited Benin. He has been there before, due to the fact that a trusted, African Cardinal, the late Bernardin Gantin, was from this West African country. During his visit t



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